Activities Near Kruger National Park Guide

Read about all the exciting activities and interesting places you can visit close to Kruger National Park.

An Adventure Holiday near Kruger National Park

Extend your safari holiday to the Kruger National Park by enjoying some of these exciting activities. Here are 5 adventurous excursions ideal for families with teenagers!...more

Elephant Interaction Greater Kruger Park

Fall in love with the gentle giants of Africa during an unforgettable elephant encounter at an elephant sanctuary on the banks of the Sabie River near Kruger Park...more

Experience African Culture at Shangana

Immerse yourself in the traditional culture of the Shangaan people of South Africa. Taste ethnic dishes, experience traditional dance...more

Hiking Trails in the Sabie Valley

Many tourists miss some of South Africa's best hiking routes which are just outside of the Kruger National Park. These day trips...more

Hot Air Ballooning in the Hoedspruit Area

Experience the magic of lighter than air flight over the Lowveld game areas adjoining the Kruger National Park. Our pilots and guides will ensure a safe...more

Spotting Cats - The Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre

While on an African safari holiday in South Africa you can get up close to the greatest sprinter in the world, a Cheetah while visiting the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre...more

The Jane Goodall Chimpanzee Eden

Come and meet our primate cousins while on holiday in South Africa. Visit the Chimp Eden near Nelspruit and encounter one of the rarest creatures in the world...more
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