Things to Do at Elephant Walk Retreat

The main attraction at Elephant Walk Retreat is its close proximity to Kruger National Park, allowing for maximum daily wildlife viewing on self-drive or guided safaris.

Self-drive Safari in Kruger National Park

Embarking on a self-drive safari in Kruger National Park is a truly remarkable adventure that offers an unparalleled connection with nature and wildlife. The freedom to navigate your own journey through the park's diverse landscapes and ecosystems grants an intimate and personalized experience.

 As you navigate the winding roads at your own pace, you become the architect of your safari, allowing you to linger in the presence of majestic creatures such as lions, elephants, and rhinos, or to seek out the subtler marvels of birdlife and plant species. 

The thrill of spotting elusive animals around the bend or witnessing a predator's hunt unfolds before your eyes, creating memories that resonate deeply. With each sunrise and sunset, Kruger's allure becomes more palpable, making a self-drive safari an exceptional way to forge an authentic connection with this iconic African landscape.

Guided Game Drives and Walks

Half day, full day and even thrilling sunset guided game drives can be arranged for guests wanting to take it easy and just focus on wildlife sightings. 

If you fancy a guided walking safari you will leave an hour before the Crocodile Bridge Gate opens and be escorted to a private site, where 2 expert game rangers will accompany you on a morning bush walk. Get up close and personal with Kruger Park’s spectacular wildlife on this unique safari encounter.

Day Tours and Excursions

Optional extra day tours can be arranged from Elephant Walk Retreat

  • Horse safari in Shikondo Game Reserve
  • Swaziland day tour
  • Panorama Route day tour 
  • Maputo day tour
  • Cultural traditional village tour
  • Sudwala Caves, Dinosaur Park and Botanical Garden tour

Booking Elephant Walk Retreat

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